Breastfeeding Classes

LaVawn Souther is our Certified Lactation Consultant.
1. Join other mothers, fathers, mothers-to-be, and fathers-to-be to learn the basics of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding classes are held fourth Thursday of the month in our office.

Why breastfeed? Benefits for mom and baby
How breastfeeding works
How to establish a good milk supply
How to get your baby positions and latch
How to know if your baby is getting enough milk
What to expect the first week? The first month?
Going back to work
When and where to get help should you need it

2. Join other breastfeeding mothers on Wednesdays at “Lactation Station Breastfeeding Support Group”.

All Breastfeeding Moms Welcome!
Come meet other breastfeeding moms
Come for breastfeeding information,
Ask if you have a breastfeeding complication,
We have an IBCLC for consultation,
Or use it as Mama recreation,
Cause everyone needs some socialization,
No need for registration,
Consider this your invitation!
Hope to see you there

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